Hey Gimlet, let's revolutionize live events together!

You all have been producing great content for a couple years as Gimlet, lots more with others.
I've been producing live events for a decade and a half now. 
I know you all have at least discussed taking Gimlet on the road.
Let's combine forces to create live experiences unlike any other!

How I think we can do it : 

Just for some street cred, here are some things I've worked on this year. I served at the Co-Producer and Creative Director for Beautiful Together; an artistic journey toward hope

It brought together hundreds of musicians, singers, actors, and dancers to help our Orlando community in the wake of the Pulse Tragedy. 

Stylistically, Beautiful Together was a bit traditional – with orchestra and choir. I think our collaborations will be a bit more... exploratory and multi-sensory.

You all are wonderful at inviting the audience into your stories, which is exactly what I love in rethinking live events. 

Let's create stunning visual and presentational elements like these:

 AND let's go beyond to incorporate incredible interactive and immersive elements. 

In the photo at the top of this page, I'm leading an arena of 8,000 through an interactive experience around diversity and empathy.

I love bringing meaningful and interesting elements to audiences. Together, I think we can crush it!

Here's a photo from Creative City Project (of which, I am the Executive Director). Our October 2016 event hosted nearly 1,000 artists and more than 20,000 attendees. 

Everything we do centers around creating interactive and immersive experiences. Some of those are for thousands at a time. Some are for a few dozen at a time, like this projection installation. 

Gimlet, I think we are made for each other. So let's collaborate. It's time to take Gimlet on the road, and I want to help. Let's talk.

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