The Pillars of my (Non-existent) Campaign

Personal belief : I think the best leaders help people aspire to something higher because they believe great things about people.  

I'm not running for office, and I don't have a plan to. But if I did, here's what I think it would look like. 

By the end of today, we're going to make the world better than it was this morning.

You are smart, so you deserve to be treated like it. 

We're going to elevate our understanding together. You deserve more than fifth grade reading level speeches. I believe you value intelligence, and, together, we're going to embrace it. 

You are compassionate, so we're going to help people. 

Not everyone started where you started in life. Not everyone has had the same opportunities. And some people really have messed up. But we're compassionate people, so let's care for one another. Let's go out of our way to help from a generous spirit. 

You are kind, so we're going to exhibit kindness everyday. 

Every person is different, and approaching things that are different is uncomfortable for everyone. But we're going to go out of our way to know people's names and understand their stories. When we do that, everything is different. 

You are responsible, so we're going to steward things well. 

We're going to treat the things, people, and situations with care. Let's steward the environment well because restraint, intentionality, and responsibility are good virtues. Let's not consume just because we can. Let's think about what we're doing and how we can do it better. 

You are brave, so we're going to explore the unknown. 

Compassion, kindness, generosity, exploring the reaches of new concepts and ideas; these things are difficult for us all. But you're a brave person. So let's be brave together and explore the unknown. Let's invest in dreaming up new and better ideas and champion those who are leading the way.